#43 The University of British Columbia
Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Surfer Tofu says "HI". It's currently my 4th day here in Vancouver and I'm still slowly adjusting my sleep pattern to get used to the time difference. Last night, I fell asleep around 2230H and got up at 0400H this morning. Have been up ever since, uploading photos onto Facebook etc. Ugh, it's been such a nightmare uploading photos onto Facebook. I don't know what's up with the operating system, but it keeps fucking up the arrangement of my photos. Throw in my OCD complex and that makes for a very pek cek morning.

Anyway, there's roughly an hour left before class starts so I thought I'd try to squeeze in one entry before getting ready for lessons, ho hum* Life abroad has been good to me so far, and I'm hoping it'll stay that way.

Here are the awesome views that you can get from my hostel suite. The first 2 can be seen from my room and the last one is the view you get from the living room/kitchen/balcony. It's very serene and calm and because it's summer, there's a crazy amount of daylight. Like, the sun literally sets around 2100H and rises around 0400H. Took me a while to get into the mindset that just because it's still bright outside doesn't mean it's still early in the day.

My first #ootd while walking around and exploring the campus.

First thing we did the very next day after we settled in (and after we filled our tummy) was to go grocery shopping! It's actually quite fun and exciting to do your own grocery shopping but I was constantly nagging my apartment mates to not go overboard with the shopping and over buy. The whole point of cooking our own meals is to save money right? I guess the only downside to the whole experience was that we had to lug all our produce back to our hostel, as opposed to when in Singapore where I'll just hop into my parents' car or a cab and head home.

Alright, signing off with this photo I took with the university's sign yesterday whilst en route to the nude beach xD Sorry for the rushed entry, but I got to go get ready for class. Can't afford to be late for my first day as a UBC student now can I? I promise to update more soon about the rest of my trip so far :)


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