#45 Stepho's Greek Restaurant
Saturday, 15 June 2013

Hi all! Life so far in Vancouver has been pretty packed, hence the lack of updates. Between wanting to explore the city, cooking for ourselves and summer classes/assignments/projects, I usually just plonk myself onto the bed once I'm back at the apartment and fall asleep. But I managed to find some time right now, between packing my bag and taking a bus up to Whistler for the weekend, to churn out one quick and short entry :D Side Note: WHISTLER!!! I'm so excited, SKY DIVING tomorrow!

Anyway, my apartment mates and I decided to give this place, Stepho's Greek Restaurant, a try after we passed by it the other day while exploring Davie Street (the gay-bourhood of the city). It had an incredibly long queue snaking outside their entrance and being typical Singaporeans, our mentality was "long queue, must be good". So after our mid-terms on Thursday, we headed down pretty early (around 1730H) to try and avoid the long lines. We were fortunate enough to not have to wait in line. Tip: if you're ever in Vancouver and want to visit the place, try to be there before 1800H cause that's roughly when the crowd starts pouring in. Okay, enough said, time for pictures of the food!

Tiroboukes (Cheese Balls) Stepho's Creations. CAD$5.95 

Humous - Tahini & Chick Pea Patè served with Pita Bread (not pictured). CAD$4.95 

Kalamaria Dinner - Fried Squids served with Rice Pilaf, Roast Potatoes & Greek Salad. CAD$9.95

Mousaka - Ground Beef, Zucchini, Egg Plant, Potatoes and Bechamel served with House Salad. CAD$9.95

Roast Lamb (Tavernas Specialty) - served with Roast Potatoes, Rice Pilaf, Vege Briami & Greek Salad. CAD$10.95

The portions in Canada are so huge it's mind boggling. We just shared everything among the 4 of us and we were STILL unable to finish. I mean seriously, they serve their mains with potatoes AND rice, talk about carbicide. On top of that, we had starters which came with bread (MORE CARBS). My overall verdict for the place is that it's fucking awesome. BEST meal so far since I've been to Canada. Delicious Greek food at reasonable prices, and the staff were friendly too (the tipping system here helps). I'd definitely recommend anyone coming to Vancouver to give this place a shot, at least once.

Okay, signing off with a huge ass picture of me and the Roast Lamb (FUCKING DELICIOUS). I need to watch what I eat if not I'll return to Singapore looking like a tennis ball. Right, now I need to go pack my suitcase for a weekend at Whistler. Have I mentioned how freaking excited I am? Ha-ha.


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