#46 Ciao Bella
Saturday, 15 June 2013

Di Mari - baby shrimp, fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil & button mushroom in white wine sauce.

Salmone - wild B.C. salmon sauteed with garlic, lemon, white wine in tomato cream sauce.

Carbonara - pancetta, egg yolk, garlic, parmesan cheese & cream. 

Ciao Bella - mushroom, garlic and parsley with demi-glazed white wine cream sauce.

Heh heh, so the reporting time for the Whistler trip is 30 minutes later than I had anticipated. Managed to squeeze in another quick and short entry before heading down to the pick up point and board the bus. Read somewhere online that it'll get as cold as 6°C when we're there. Both exciting and scary at the same time, ha-ha. Packing loads of warm clothes to make sure I can survive the weather. Anyway, do read the previous entry about the BEST Greek food I've had so far while in Vancouver :)

This entry however, is about an Italian restaurant we chanced upon after our day of cycling over at Stanley Park. It's called Ciao Bella (how cliche) and they have special promotions on different days that you visit the place. We were able to enjoy the 50%-off-pasta promotion :D The food is of really good quality, from the bread to the pasta to the wine. I truly enjoyed myself there even though once again, their portions are enormous. We all had to pack like half of whatever we ordered and heat it up again to have for dinner, ha-ha. Very worth it with the promotion, It's about CAD$9.88 per person without the wine?

Alright, got to head down soon. Going to do some last minute checks and make sure I've got everything I need with me for the weekend. Ciao!


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