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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Disclaimer: It's 0214H now and I've got to be up by 0600H for school. I honestly think I have some sort of sleep disorder, but in the mean time, I decided to do this random yet slightly entertaining (for me and hopefully for you as well) entry to kill some time.

01) The exact time in which I was born is 1914H (my parents used to buy this 4D number).
02) I can wear kids 'XL' for Polo Ralph Lauren (saved so much money at the factory outlets).
03) So far, I only enjoy watching American Sitcoms (not a fan of HK/Korean/Taiwan/British shows).
04) Speaking of TV shows, I've watched ALL cycles of ANTM and know who ALL the winners are.
05) I don't know how to roller blade (and will probably never want to learn due to a busted right knee).
06) I've skydived (you would know this if you've read my other entries actually).
07) I've travelled quite a fair bit (Thailand, Indonesia, M'sia, Australia, Japan, S.Korea, Taiwan, HK, UK, US, Canada).
08) At Subway, I eat ALL the vegetables EXCEPT the black olives.
09) When I was young, I ONLY ate chicken rice when at hawker centres (and I'd spam the dark sauce).
10) My favourite parts of the body are the collar bones and the tapered part of the ankles.

11) I moved house once when I was 10, but have been in the east part of SG since I was 1 (am currently 23).
12) Before I turned 1, I actually lived in Clementi (talk about 飘洋过海).
13) I've been dead drunk twice - where you blackout and can't remember shit (don't ever want to relive that).
14) When I was young, I wanted to grow up and become a teacher (LOL, fat chance of that happening now).
15) I was in the RSAF when I served my NS, kind of awesome, especially since my base was super nearby.
16) If I'm having a sandwich for breakfast, it HAS to be something savory (no jam, peanut butter, nutella, kaya).
17) My favourite type of food is Japanese (if I had to eat sushi & only sushi for the rest of my life, I'd be ok with that).
18) I REALLY dislike beans and taco shells (something I discovered whilst on exchange).
19) My favourite singer is Christina Aguilera.
20) I can't sing to save my life but was once delusional enough to think I could sign up for Singapore Idol.

21) I really like Charmed and my FIRST ever blog URL was -power-of-three-.blogspot.com
22) I used to have an immense fear of heights, it sort of just went away.
23) I HATE horror movies, am an absolute pussy and think watching those movies are a waste of my money.
24) I've waxed my legs twice in my life and have decided that it isn't really for me.
25) I have 2 ear piercings, but the ear holes are 7 years apart.
26) I used to own fishes and hamsters; didn't really take very good care of them.
27) I've known my BFF since I was 7 (and we're still BFFs).
28) I've deleted my old Tumblr because for some reason, I used to blog on it.
29) I've deleted my old Instagram account (Went through a phase where I took ALOT of really gross 'selfies' - sighs).
30) The nickname 'havocmama' sort of came about when I first started using Twitter & Instagram
(I wanted something more interesting besides just my name and it was around the time I started clubbing).

31) I've never been in a long term relationship (I have a feeling I'll be single forever and TBH, I'm okay with that).
32) If I had to pick my FAVOURITE thing to eat at a hawker centre, it'll either be Bak Chor Mee or Popiah.
33) I got my driver's license on my 2nd attempt an am actually a terrible driver.
34) For 2 years in a row, I held the school record for Shot Put back in VJC.
35) My dad once gave me S$10 to jump rope 1000 times (in an attempt to help me lose weight).
36) I'm a huge fan of Sims1, 2 & 3 but I always play with cheat codes so I get bored really quickly.
37) My favourite game of all time is Kingdom Hearts.
38) I am a terrible DOTA and DOTA2 player but a fairly decent LOL player.
39) I was about to type something else I LOVE ROLLER COASTERS.
40) The show I've probably watched the most is FRIENDS.

41) I used to buy Archie Comics every week (this continued for a few years I think, sold them all eventually).
42) My first book was by Enid Blyton & my first CD was by Toy-box (some Danish duo).
43) I used to RUSH home just to watch Teletubbies (slams head against the wall).
44) If I could have a super power, it would be teleportation.
45) I've had 2 major operations - 1 for repairing my right knee ligaments and 1 for removing my gall bladder.
46) I once helped built 2 water purification tanks in a village in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
47) When I get nervous, especially when doing public speaking, my voice gets really high pitched.
48) I'm the total opposite of people who LOVE alone time; I'd much rather have companionship.
49) I enjoy spoilers, in fact most of the time I actually spoil the end of movies/books for myself.
50) I fell on my face while playing 'crocodile' on the sit up benches in primary school
(I think that's why my nose is so flat).

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