#64 KL Food Fare (Jalan Alor)
Friday, 13 September 2013

Right, so this is the third entry of my KL trip (and the last one featuring food). This was our last meal in KL and we decided to go all out and order like mad, which ended up being quite a bad idea because we were already running low on cash. It was fortunate that we had enough to pay for the meal. I don't want to imagine what would have happened if we didn't have enough cash...

That said, the food was really awesome and affordable. It came up to be about 30 ringgit per person? And given the weak Malaysian exchange rate at the moment, that was like what, S$12? Super worth it for the amount we ate and the quality of the food. My favourite of the night has got to be the Clams (or 'lala') in Superior Broth. Yeah that's right, it ain't just broth, it's SUPERIOR broth, LOL. The Hot Plate Tofu and Steamed Fish were top notch as well (not that the rest of the food was bad, these are just my favourites of the night). In fact, the fish kind of brought back memories of when the few of us were in Bangkok's chinatown having dinner during May 2012 :)

I'm super thankful that I didn't put on any weight after the trip. It's a miracle really, given the amount and frequency in which we put food into our mouth. I'm guessing all the walking around helped burn off quite a bit of the calories. Three cheers for low impact cardio activity! Hoping to keep my weight down or maybe even shed a few more kilogrammes. But seriously, just looking at the photos in this entry makes me feel like I've gained 2kg, ha-ha. Only while on holiday la hor, only while on holiday.


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