#65 Rest of the KL Trip
Saturday, 14 September 2013

Ha-ha, yes I know, not the wittiest of entry titles but it'll do. Like any other tourists, we visited the Petronas Towers at KLCC. Actually, we weren't like actively seeking out this place or anything, its just that the place happened to be walking distance from our hotel AND we would have to walk pass the place anyway to travel around KL via public transport. Was back lit in the photo, hence everything is in black and white. See silhouette can already~

This is the 4 of us. who also happened to be room mates, chilling at Starbucks because the weather was SO FUCKING HOT we had to hide in somewhere air conditioned before we burst into flames. It was the day we split up from the rest of the group because everyone woke up at different timings and the 4 of us wanted to use the pool before lunch. Quite a nice chill afternoon, cam-whoring, gossipping and people watching.

And this was the last day in KL, where for some reason, we decided to have Taiwanese food for lunch, ha-ha. Everyone was so hungry that when we got to the shopping centre (forgot the name of the shopping centre), we just settled into the first place that we saw serving decent food. Food turned out to be really good; not sure if it was because we were all starving or because it was honestly of good quality. Realised that we are always starving before we have lunch, ha-ha. Simple explanation is that everyone is always hung over from the night before, so it takes a bit longer in the morning to get ready for the day and by the time we are done, our stomach juices are slowly dissolving the linings of our tummy already.

I guess this ends my 4 part post about my recent mini get away to KL. Hoping to travel again soon, it's nice to get out of the country every once in a while. I really want to go to London again one day, time to start saving up like crazy.


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