#66 Suit Up
Wednesday, 18 September 2013

LOL, okay, I know I kind of went overboard with the cam-whoring. But, I figured that I'm hardly ever in formal wear anyway, so might as well take a couple of photos after taking my main head shot for my Finishing Touch workshop.
OMG, I hope I never have to wear a blazer for work or anything actually, it's too hot in Singapore for such office/formal attire. I had to blast the air conditioning in my room to stop my body from breaking out in sweat every 30 seconds. That said, I do REALLY like how the photos turned out, ha-ha. And all this in one lazy Saturday afternoon :) I'm not particularly crazy about the last picture, which is actually the one that I need for my workshop. We were instructed to take a profile picture for our LinkedIn profile and our resume, so yeah, there I am looking like some property/insurance agent waiting to sell you something, ha-ha.


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