#129 Camouflage with Contrast
Monday, 20 January 2014

I felt like I should fill this post with some words instead of constantly doing photo entries, ha-ha. I'm lazy like that. These pictures were taken during Sunday brunch with the family. Glad my ASOS orders have finally arrived, just in time for CNY. I slightly regret buying one of the tops though, the neck hole is really loose and it looks bad on me =/ Ah well, got to make it work I suppose. Got my hair done at last today - it needs some getting use to and definitely a lot more high maintenance now that I've got it permed backwards so I can achieve the backcomb look more easily. If I don't properly blow dry my hair after I shower, I look like I escaped from a mental institution. Photos of my new hair style possibly in a separate post, we'll see. Kind of swamped with school stuff right now, even though there really isn't THAT much going on yet. I'm just a bit overwhelmed and burnt out already. I know, it's only Week 03! Here's hoping I can stick to my 2014 improvements.


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