#131 Boomarang Bistro & Bar
Monday, 27 January 2014

This place definitely wasn't our first choice of brunch location on Saturday. After our morning class, Coco and I had planned on going to The Fabulous Baker Boy. Oh goodness, I am completely hopeless with Google Maps. After spending close to 20 minutes in the sweltering heat, stomping around trying to follow instructions, we ended up hoping in a cab to avoid further aimless wandering. Much to our horror and dismay (more of the former), the cafe is closed for renovations till March. RAGE.

I suggested Boomarang Bistro & Bar instead. I read about it on Lady Iron Chef's blog before and the place was also somewhere in the vicinity. We both decided to order the Smoked Salmon Brioche with Poached Eggs (accompanied with Tomato Salsa, Peppercorn Cream Cheese & Hollandaise Sauce) and I've honestly got to say, this was one of the worst poached eggs I've ever had. The yolk was cooked all the way through and it's the first time I've had hollandaise sauce served in the same consistency as mayonnaise. The brioche tasted like no other brioche I've tasted before and the only redeeming thing about this dish was the tomato salsa. Wouldn't recommend anyone going to this place and if you do go, order something else besides what we got. On the plus side, at least the meal photographs well?

Scouted around the place briefly after our meal in search for a nice backdrop to take an OOTD photo, ha-ha. Here's me in a semi-candid moment, trying to take photos of random architecture. Didn't have as much time as I would have liked to explore the place more because I had to rush home to get ready for a birthday party later on that evening. Still, I guess there's always another time when I can go back to take more photos, LOL. A friend recommended another cafe, Anthesis, that's around the area and I want to give it a try one day.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Drink up and get enough rest! People around seem to be falling ill and we all want to stay healthy to enjoy CNY right? Been chugging lots of cooling tea, ha-ha.


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