#134 Year of the Horse (not good for horses)
Monday, 3 February 2014

Just as the title of the entry suggests, this wasn't the best CNY for me. School's technically supposed to have started today for me, but I'm home on MC because I've been suffering from food poisoning since Saturday. Not quite sure what was it that I ate, but all that matters now is for me to recover as soon as possible. Kind of sucks because I'm missing out on all the good food, but I guess the silver lining in this is that I'm actually losing weight during the lunar new year. #pollyanna

I didn't take any photos of myself, not that I didn't bother dressing up whilst visiting (I'm sick, not handicapped, ha-ha). It's just that a lot of the clothes that I wore have been photographed before, LOL. Hence, I turned my attention to taking pictures of my baby niece instead. TOO. CUTE. I'm glad to have her in my life. She definitely made the festive season much better despite me being sick. Visiting is less mundane now with her around as well. Sadly, I try not to get too close to her now that I'm not feeling well since food poisoning or stomach flu can be spread through the air.

The holidays seem to have just flown by, or is it just me? Really hope the rest of the year doesn't go as badly as how it started for me. Year of the Horse, how can it be unlucky for horses :(


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