#135 Napkin Shopping
Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I am beyond stressed out right now. It's 0130H in the morning and I'm blogging, which can only mean one thing: I am procrastinating. Mid-terms are happening this week, in 2 days to be precise. And I have yet to study, surprise surprise. I am such an epic failure at mugging, it's not even funny. I had originally planned to start mugging some time last week. By wouldn't you know it, I managed to put it off till now. Am stress eating like crazy, which stresses me out even more because I am aware that I am doing it. Talk about a catch-22 situation. Shall do my best to STOP stress eating and do some actual studying tomorrow. I MUST!

Anyway, I'm not going to fill this entry with insignificant rants about my flailing academic life. Here's some random pictures I took just now whilst accompanying Daryl to shop for knick knacks for his upcoming birthday party. I was under the impression that we'd be buying tons of blue-related decor for his party, but we ended up only buying coloured paper napkins. LOL. Still, it was a fun night, traipsing around IKEA, looking for photo opportunities, checking people out and finally stuffing our faces with a second round of dinner before heading back home to procrastinate some more.

I'd say that I can't wait for recess week to be here, but sadly for me, my recess week has already been filled to the brim with meetings and school-related commitments. I'll just look forward to the weekends instead.


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