#154 Summertime Sadness
Saturday, 12 April 2014

It's 1:51pm on a Saturday as I'm churning out this entry. I'm still under the weather since Monday, I'm suspecting Exam Fever. I'm relatively miserable right now because I'm super stressed for my 3 back to back papers on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. But, I just keep telling myself that I only have to get through the next four days and everything will get better. Am STILL waiting to hear about my internship for summer, but things seem quite promising with a particular firm that I'm very interested in joining. I hope all the pieces just falls perfectly together. Then, my summer will be complete and I can be less stressed out for the next couple of weeks. My nose is starting to run again and I need to eat my lunch soon so I can go back to mugging. Pretty pointless entry, just an excuse for me to pose a gratuitous picture of myself and whine/rant a little. Okay, pray that I survive the next four days, thanks and lots of love.



written at 13:56