#182 20 FACTS
Sunday, 21 September 2014

01. DHS, VJC, SMU (some friends still feel I’m a himbo)
02. Used to play competitive Volleyball, until I tore 2 ligament in 2007
03. Used to be in English Drama, probably why I lie so well (disclaimer, I mostly tell white lies, ha-ha)
04. A degree in business was actually my back-up choice
05. ENTJ – generally friendly despite resting bitch face
06. Rupaul’s Drag Race, ANTM, 2 Broke Girls, Grey’s Anatomy – If you watch any of these religiously, let’s be friends!
07. Loves jet setting & try to do so at least once a year
08. Sushi: give me this & I’ll cheer up instantly
09. Very low patience for things in general
10. Tough love kind of person; if you need molly coddling, go away please
11. Wear caps very often because I’m too lazy to do my hair
12. Plan outfits I want to wear WAY in advance (friends judge me for this)
13. 2 piercings: 1 from 2005, 1 from 2011
14. No tattoos, but I’ve considered getting inked for a VERY long time now
15. Was once a waist size 40 (currently a 32-34, depending on the brand)
16. Bucket list: bungee jump, helicopter ride, visit Santorini
17. Diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder
18. I’m judgemental, but I give everyone a chance because I recognise that my judgements aren’t always accurate
19. Appreciate self-deprecating humour, but don’t understand people who constantly put themselves down
20. ZERO sense of direction

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